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Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety( ADIS ) is a curriculum for workers and qualified students in the area of workplace hazards and safety issues launched by the government of India. To empower them with industry-related expertise, skills and understanding of workplace safety, health and industrial processes.

The course addresses various safety concerns of workers associated with industrial sector. The course materials, training methodologies and curriculum are developed in compliance with international standards but can be followed and understood by staff from all countries with various working environments

ADIS programme teaches students all practical aspects of risk management techniques, safety management operations, monitoring safety and health operations, improving standard of health of the employees and enhancing general safety measures. Due to rise in number of workplace-related accidents and disasters, it is imperative to safeguard human lives, protect the environment and conserve existing industrial assets to achieve safe and secure workplace.

Training Mode: Online E-Learning



Course Syllabus:

  • Paper I – International Management for Health & Safety – I
  • Paper 2 – International Management for Health & Safety – II
  • Paper 3 – International Workplace Safety – I
  • Paper 4 – International Workplace Safety – II
  • Paper 5 – Industrial Process Safety Management


  • Paper I & Paper 2: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks
  • Paper 3 & Paper 4: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks
  • Paper 5: Multiple choice questions – 100 marks

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