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European Safety Council Level 6 International Diploma in Health & Safety Engineering(ESC IDHSE) courseis Endorsed by Qualifi, United Kingdom isequivalent to a University Bachelor’s Degree Internationally for those who want to start their career as Health and Safety Professionals inindustry.

ESC IDHSE provides a sound knowledge in Occupational Health and Safety Management and its various key features.It is considered to be one of the most popular and effective qualification in health and safety across the world. Choosing this qualification is the best way to build a successful and rewarding career in Health and Safety sector.

ESC IDHSE is a qualification designed to help those with Health and Safety responsibilities (e.g. Managers, Engineer, Supervisors and HSE Representatives) to discharge more effectively their organizational duties and functions.

Benefits of achieving the European Safety Council International Diploma in Health & Safety Engineering Qualification:


    • Eligible for Transitional Safety Practioner( TSP ) of BCSP, United State of America.


Entry Requirements


  • Any Level 3 Qualifications Recognized by IOSH or
  • Science Graduate with 3 Yrs. Minimum Experience or
  • Any Diploma in Safety


6-12 Months

Modes of study: Full Time, Part Time, E-learning   



European Safety Council Level 6 International Diploma in Health & Safety Engineering is divided into 2 Units

  • Unit A- Management of Health and Safety
  • Unit B- Industrial Hazards, Risks and Control Measures


  • Unit A : Question paper, 5 hours written exam
  • Unit B : Question paper, 5 hours written exam


  • Unit A: 50%
  • Unit B : 50%

A ‘Pass’ must be achieved in both units to achieve the European Safety Council’s International Diploma in Health and Safety Engineering. 

Question Paper Pattern:
Question Paper is for 150 Marks. There are two sections
Section A will have 6 questions carrying 10 marks each. All questions are compulsory.
Section B will have 5 questions carrying 20 marks each. Answer any 3 questions.
Section C is Case Study – Health and Safety audit of the Workplace – 30 marks 

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