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ASCE helps your organization to make yourself unique from other business competitors in Risk Management.


Usually risk affecting organizations might have various consequences of many aspects like economically in professional reputation, environment safety, social outcomes etc. Thus managing the risk effectively aids the organizations to work more effectively in the environment which is dynamic.

The guidelines of ISO 31000: 2018 Risk management gives the principles, system, and the ways to manage risk. This is suitable for all sorts of organizations include size and type. The guidelines of ISO 31000: 2018 Risk management gives the principles, system, and the ways to manage risk. This is suitable for all sorts of organizations include size and type.

Accessing ISO 31000 helps the organizations to enhance the chances of attaining their goal, improve the way of finding opportunities, threats as well as assign and make use of the available resources in while treating risk.

Risk may occur in any circumstances of life but the main thing taking decision in proper approach. Example: A senior officer / executive might be in need of making a risk judgment related with some complex situation, tackling these kinds of risk is one among the part of leadership and governance, also this is basic thing to know on how to manage the organization from lower to higher level.

The old risk management practices are no more enough for today’s threat dealing and they all should be evolved. When the ISO 31000 Risk management has been revised and many considerations were given importance and published. ISO 31000:2018 gives more clear and brief guide which helps the organizations to make use of risk management principles to enhance planning and choose better decisions.

The below mentioned are few major changes when compared to previous edition:

  • Risk management principles are reviewed , which is the major aspect for the success
  • Focusing more in the leadership right form top management, the people who are supposed to make sure that risk management is included in all the activities of the organization, like governance of organization etc.
  • Providing more focus in the risk management nature, creating new experiences, skills and knowledge , revising process features, activities and controls process of all stages
  • Rationalizing the content with more concentration by means of sustaining open system model which often exchanges the feedback along with the external environment to make fit of various contexts and needs


It is quick and easy to achieve your ISO certification and start winning new business. ASCE Consultant have 9 years of the business experience can help you to attain this very easily.


The following are the process in a simplified way



ASCE dedicated auditor would be on continuous engagement to go through the audit plan in preparation for your stage 1 assessment.



There’s no pressure for the first assessment; and most of them are really surprised what they already have in place following this visit. The report issued will highlight the next steps you need to take to achieve the company certification.



Once you’re ready, ASCE dedicated Auditor will review again to ascertain if your own management systems and procedures meet the requirements in the standard. You’ll be recommended with the Auditor’s findings in the day that would be approved by our Compliance office, and the final documentation will be issued adhering to the decision.



The excellent trustworthiness in regards to ISO 31001 is influenced by its requirement intended for on-going improvement, so most of us keep up a correspondence and arrange annual assessments to keep the acquired certification up-to-date.



Understanding the certification process might appear daunting. ASCE  professional would ensure that the process method is as smooth as possible while you get maximum benefits.

To make certain operations go smoothly, you would receive the following:

  • A Letter of Commitment after the proceedings have been started
  • An Auditor, who’ll keep engaged with you throughout the activity
  • An Account Manager in order to answer all of the inquiries
  • Free generic design template toolkits and access to be able to experience professional online training.
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