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In Process Industries where any product is produced regularly or in batches the process becomes very critical and for safe operations at each stage the concept of Process safety management (PSM) has come up. So management of change(MOC) program is one of the prominent elements of the PSMwhich is used to ensure all changes to a process are properly reviewed and any hazards introduced by the change are identified, analyzed, and controlled before resuming operation.



On successful completion of the self-assessment test, the delegates would stand to receive a course qualification certification with unique identification number approved by CPD & can be used to obtain CPD certification.

  • Course Duration: 30 Hours.
  • Assessment Method: (100 marks)
  • 10 multiple choice questions (2 marks each)
  • 5 subjective questions (6 marks each)
  • 1 project, to fill up the MOC form based upon a Scenario (50 marks)
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