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Our Painting Inspection training program will give great insight about the field of Painting Inspection and will help you to prepare for Certified Painting Inspector programs like BGAS & NACE.

Coating inspection is the main function of all the mechanical fields such as oil and natural gas, gas oil separation plant, refineries, pipelines, power plant, ship buildind, chemical plants, fertilizer, aerospace, steel plant, offshore etc.

A coating inspector should have through knowledge in coating, coating materials, paints, corrosion. Surface preparation, climatic conditions checks, inspection, interpretation of quality plants and specification, verification of procedure, keeping records and reports, coating faults identification and repair, contractor relationship and more over a valid certificate.

The aim our training program is to ensure that the candidate obtain theoretical and practical knowledge needed to be able to carry out a range of protective coating inspection jobs.

After completion of your studies with or without experience candidates who want to become certified coating inspector to get opportunities may apply for this course.


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